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Network monitoring and analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

System observing and investigation - Assignment Example 214). Unpredictable solicitations for passage into the system at such a rate, that the servers neglect to react in an opportune way prompting clog development is one of the trademark highlights of Denial of Service activity. Tear Dropping and distributed assaults are usually known activities and exercises that are involved in the space of DoS assaults on the systems. Various activities might be embraced as counter measures against DoS. The establishment of a compelling firewall is one potential arrangement against this danger. Firewall permits consecutive passage of traffic and demands and thusly keeps the framework from flood and flooding of solicitations. Other potential choices of security incorporate methods, for example, Black holding, or just utilization of switches as a substitute. The strategy of Internet Based Prevention System is likewise an alternative against the DoS action which permits running a smooth operational

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Methods of intervention Essay Example for Free

Strategies for mediation Essay Any type of limitation, for instance leg or wrist restrictions, should just be presented after a multidisciplinary appraisal, which incorporates interview with administration clients their families and supporters. Whenever utilized, they ought to be chosen cautiously to force minimal limitation of development required to forestall hurt while endeavors should keep on being made to accomplish the ideal results with less prohibitive mediations. Carers who have gotten explicit preparing in their use should just utilize such gadgets. The judicious for utilizing any gadgets and the conditions in which they might be utilized must be unmistakably recorded inside a people care plan/Positive Handling Plan. The Scottish Social Services Council have their own codes of training for social assistance laborers and workers. A statement from their handbook states; Social Service laborers must: Regard the privileges of administration clients, while trying to guarantee that their conduct doesn't hurt themselves or others This is following an example from the past qualities and guidelines referenced, which expressed customers can just truly go up until now, before a strategy for mediation must be utilized. In the mid nineties, a type of intercession was presented in Scotland, which is currently generally polished in the consideration business. C.A.L.M (Crisis and Aggression Limitation Management) Different frameworks utilize an inclined situation where to limit. This can be face up, or face down. In this nation, the face down position is normally utilized. On account of CALM the inclined limitation is just one of a progressive system of reactions. There has been developing uneasiness about the exercise of inclined self control. It has been related with passings because of positional asphyxia, albeit different positions likewise have this hazard related with them. In the US, a few states have prohibited face down inclined limitation; others have restricted face up inclined restriction. It is a technique, which can bargain the respect of both youngster and staff. Be that as it may, there is nervousness in certain quarters that the evacuation of inclined limitation may make methodsâ less viable. Quiet Training Services are thinking about expelling the inclined restriction from their framework. Certain strategies for physical restriction incorporate procedures, which incorporate the intentional utilization of torment to guarantee consistence CALM doesn't. Quiet is a preparation bundle which covers the administration of troublesome conduct, and which contains, as one of its segments, methodologies for physical intercession, including physical limitation. What's more, when staff have been prepared by CALM Training Services, they are then surveyed with respect to how skillfully they can do the physical components, and from that point, on the off chance that they arrive at a satisfactory norm, they get accreditation, which must be refreshed yearly. Quiet is currently the technique for decision of a critical number of bosses in Scotland and past, and is utilized in kid care administrations, learning handicap administrations, and psychological wellness administrations. Â ·Physical restriction devicessuch as wellbeing vests and coats, lap and wheelchair belts, and texture body holdersmay be valuable to patients and their guardians when utilized appropriately in settings running from nursing homes and medical clinics to private homes. Â ·Used appropriately, restrictions have numerous advantages for patients and parental figures in the two establishments and homes. Restrictions may help shield the older from falls, which could bring about injury or even passing. On the off chance that totally important, limitations additionally can help make clinical treatment simpler if a patient is incidentally uncooperative or exceptionally upset. On the off chance that a patient is hazardous, limitations can shield different patients and staff from conceivable mischief. A few patients feel more secure and increasingly secure, and need not stress over falling, on the off chance that they utilize physical limitations. The strategy for controlling can be valuable for some, customers, contingent upon perspective/wellbeing and circumstance at present time. An admonition however; putting a limitation on specific patients may really decline their condition. For instance, a constantly unsettled patient may turn out to be increasingly disturbed with a restriction.

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Does a Late Rent Payment Affect Your Credit

Does a Late Rent Payment Affect Your Credit Does a Late Rent Payment Affect Your Credit? Does a Late Rent Payment Affect Your Credit?Paying rent at the same time each month can be a challenge, especially if your payday schedule doesnt align with your landlords due date.Rent is usually a top priority bill for people to pay each month. If the rent isn’t paid, they are taking a chance at not having a roof over their heads for much longer.Unfortunately, our paycheck schedules don’t always align with the date that rent is due. If your paycheck simply doesn’t come in until the third of the month and rent is due on the first, sometimes it’s just going to be late. Many people would rather not have to deal with taking out a risky payday loan to get through those few days.Sometimes people get into tighter situations â€" if an emergency medical bill or some other unexpected expense comes up, people can find themselves behind on rent payments by a month or more, putting their housing, and possibly credit, at risk.Do landlords report late rent?The short answer: not always. It ’s generally optional for landlords to report late rent. And in order for them to report late rent themselves, they generally need to be a member of a credit reporting bureau, which include Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Because of this, it’s not that common for late rent to appear on credit scores. If you want to be sure, you can go ahead and ask your individual landlord if they do report late rent payments. It’s possible many will say no or say they don’t report them unless late payments are a consistent problem or extremely late. Landlords are people too, so they may react differently in different situations.There are, however, some caveats to note: If your landlord uses certain kinds of rent payment services, they may automatically report rent to credit bureaus as part of the service. If you need more information about this, this article by Experian has a list of several payment services that offer a credit reporting service.You’re also more likely to be vulnerable to your landlord reporting late rent if you’re renting from a property management company or another corporate entity. They might have their own policies they follow regarding late rent without taking individual situations into account.It’s important to note that if you build up debt with a landlord and the debt is sold to a collection agency, the debt will then appear on your credit report, even if the landlord didn’t previously report your payments. A large amount of debt appearing at once could be a major ding to your credit score.Another important note: Payments should typically be 30 days late before they are reported, so even if you’re perpetually getting in rent just a couple days late, all you may have to worry about is a few late fees and an irritated landlord â€" although a situation like that is not going to help your cash flow or your landlord’s willingness to be flexible to your situation. Contact your landlord about their reporting policies to know for sure. How much will a late rent payment ding my score?It depends. It’s important to remember that recent late payments affect credit scores the most. Since payment history is a whopping 35% of your credit score, according to FICO, it can have a pretty dramatic impact. However, it’s not anything you can’t recover from with time and timely payments.It’s important to keep in mind the other consequences of your rental history being made public. Landlords tend to run a credit check before renting to someone. Therefore, if you’ve had previous landlords report your late payments to the credit bureaus, as this rental website article discusses, they will see your past rental payment history. Even if you have an otherwise positive credit score, they might decide to turn you down in favor of someone who has always paid rent on time.There are various ways late rent payments may be reported. For the most accurate prediction on whether yours will be reported, contact your landlord or property management company.Paying rent can positively affect your credit, tooThere is a positive side to all this: If your rent payments are being reported, then paying rent on time can be a great tool for helping you build up your credit. Remember: With credit, it goes both ways.Have more questions regarding rent and its impact on your credit or cash flow? These articles may point you in the right direction:Renting When Your Credit Score Wont Vouch for YouCan Renting a Car Affect Your Credit?Money Pitfalls to Avoid When Signing a LeaseHidden Costs Students Forget When Living Off CampusMoney Pitfalls to Avoid When Renting

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The Triangle Trade Provided The New World - 1471 Words

This was an exchange of people, animals, diseases, plants, technology, ideas, and culture between The Old World, New World and Africa that started in 1492 when Christopher Columbus set foot in the New World, thinking he’d hit India. The triangle trade provided the New World (America) with food, animals, and diseases from The Old World. Africa gave the New World slaves, and the New World gave the Old World gold, silver, and raw materials. 1518- mid 1900s: Middle Passage African slaves were shipped to the West Indies and America as part of the Triangular Trade. Many slaves died on the voyage due to the ghastly conditions that accompanied the Middle Passage and others committed suicide. Portugal held a near monopoly on the export of African slaves for a period of about 200 years from the early 14-1600s. The peak years of the slave trade were during the 16th and 17th century, but Africans were forced across the Atlantic for an astonishing timeframe of around 400 years. May 14, 1607: Jamestown Jamestown, Virginia was the primary permanent English settlement in the New World and was founded by Captain John Smith. Tobacco was the main cash crop, and John Smith had to be strict to make sure people worked hard enough to get their food. It was a joint stock company where colonists had rights like Englishmen did. November 11, 1620: Mayflower Compact The Mayflower Compact was the first document creating a crude agreement for self-government in America and has been referred toShow MoreRelatedThe Economic Effects of the Slave Trade on Africa, Britain, and America1398 Words   |  6 PagesIn today’s world it is widely know and accepted that money makes the world go round but, unfortunately that is not the question. The question is: what made the world go round in the early 1600’s? Surprisingly, just like the world today money made the world go around back then also. One major difference is that in today’s world machines do all of our dirty work, back then it was all up to the slaves. Finding the perfect slave was a challenge to the colonists. First, there was the indentured servantsRead MoreThe Production And Discovery Of Sugar Essay1395 Words   |  6 Pagesfarm to this day,and has also created huge trade exchanges between continents and countries .One of the main reasons for slavery to exist for so long in the Americas was because of sugars high demand and plantation owners search for more sustainable workers.It changed how we eat and how we use our world s resources. It led the way for modern innovations in sugar cultivation and has given us more than sweetness. Sugar has helped scientists formulate new types of fuels which could be created throughRead MoreThe Production And Discovery Of Sugar And Its Amazing Taste And Capabilities Essay1390 Words   |  6 Pagesday, and has also created huge trade exchanges between continents and countries . One of the main reasons for slavery to exist for so long in the Americas was because of sugars high demand. So plantation owners had to search for more sustainable workers which led them to Africa. The constant bringing of workers expanded trade in the 1500s. Sugar also led to major milestones in history and changed food in many societies. It changed how we eat and how we use our world s resources. It led the way forRead MoreThe Triangle Shir twaist Factory Worker Policies1699 Words   |  7 Pagestransformation may have provided many benefits to Americans, it also carried negative results. For instance, The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, located in Manhattan, New York City, managed by Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, sold shirtwaists, an immensely popular necessity that every women desired to have in their closet. Since Blanck and Harris were known for operating the largest firm in business, they were notorious for taking advantage of the enormous amount of immigrants entering New York during the earlyRead MoreThe Atlantic Slave Trade1392 Words   |  6 PagesThe Atlantic Slave Trade was a system of slavery that took place between the 16th and 19th centuries. It comprised of capturing African tribesmen and women from areas of Western and Central Africa and placing them into the colonies of the New World in North, Central, and South America. Many countries like England, Portugal, Spain, Holland, and France, had participated in enslaving the African peoples. The African slaves were used to exploit an array of commodities such coffee, cotton, rum, sugarRead MoreUSA Government Politics Essay986 Words   |  4 Pagesinformation, news, and for getting in touch with colleagues, friends and family. Politics is an area that has been strongly influenced by television and internet from the point of carrying out campaigns to the actual elections. Television and the internet have contributed to the fall and rise of great politicians, including the most powerful presidents the world has ever known. This paper explains the influence of television on politics and the impact of interest groups and the iron triangle on politicsRead MoreAccounting Information System Security1574 Words   |  7 Pagesbusiness, the management of company’s information online has developed into an issue to be concerned. AIS, which is short for Accounting Information System, is not merely related to accounting information management as the business develops around the world. In the various explanations of AIS in the Lecture 1, p12130 Accounting Information System, presented at the University of Nottingham Ningbo by Trevor Bayley, Vaassen (2002) defined AIS as provides information for decision-making and accountabilityRead MoreSlavery During The American Colonies Essay1537 Words   |  7 PagesSlavery in the American colonies had greatly shaped the nation as we know it to be today. After the discovery of the New World, Spanish conquerors intended to enslave Native Americans, but punishment, overwork, and diseases such as small pox and malaria decreased their population rapidly. The only solution was to kidnap African Americans from their homeland and transport them on ships under poor, unsanitary conditions, many of which died of yellow fever, dysentery, or suicide. Upon arrival, theyRead MoreCosmopolitan Africa Dr. Livingstone Essay889 Words   |  4 PagesAfrica, where his remains were transported to Br itain for burial; even though he portrayed the typical English worldview of the Colonial period: Africans needed English guidance and purpose to be a civilized people. Dr. Livingstone saw the need for trade, Christianity, British control and abolishment of slavery without recognizing the existence of cosmopolitan societies; while Professor Trevor Getz’s book COMOSPOLITAN AFRICA c. 1700-1875 explained the existence of cosmopolitan societies thriving andRead MoreEssay The History of Slavery in the United States1450 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Americas in the early16th century, the Spaniards, French and Europeans alike made it their number one priority to sail the open seas of the Atlantic with hopes of catching a glimpse of the new territory. Once there, they immediately fell in love the land, the Americas would be the one place in the world where a poor man would be able to come and create a wealthy living for himself despite his upbringing. Its rich grounds were perfect for fa rming popular crops such as tobacco, sugarcane, and cotton

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The Issue Of Legalization Of Marijuana Essay - 1857 Words

Legalization of Marijuana The role that social policies have in the lives of every citizen cannot be understated, as the rules, regulations, and laws that govern our society provide the foundation off which our social welfare system operates. Over the past several decades, the social policy issue of the legalization of marijuana has gained substantial traction in the public eye, making it a priority topic to be addressed on the government agenda. With Colorado and Washington becoming the first states in the U.S. to legalize marijuana (TIME, 2012), Alaska and Oregon were soon to follow (Fortune, 2016), prompting more discussion and research around the effects of legalizing marijuana in North America, particularly in regard to social policy. Synopsis Marijuana control has been intertwined in Canada’s social, legal, and political system for over half a decade, with the issue really gaining traction in the 1960’s as policing began more heavily enforcing the law on marijuana (Fischer, Ialomiteanu, Russell, Rehm, Mann, 2016). Currently, approximately 10-12% of Canadian adults partake in the use of marijuana, with the percentage increasing for adolescents, of whom 25-30% report use (Fischer et al., 2016; Health Canada 2014; Ialomiteanu et al. 2014). Similar numbers can be found in the States, with more than 8.4 million U.S. citizens reporting daily or near-daily basis, that number having more than doubled from 3.9 million in the span of two years (Glenza, 2016). AnShow MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Legalization Of Marijuana1605 Words   |  7 Pagesfamous scientists in the United States known as Carl Sagan. Marijuana has been one of the most debated topics in the media today, and numerous years before. Altogether, this debate has raised many questions, yet with very few answers of whether the legalization of marijuana should be passed, and expressed throughout the nation as a whole. The fight for legalizing marijuana has embraced itself to see success. The legalization of marijuana is essential in society today for three reasons: failed prohibitionRead MoreThe Issue Of Legalization Of Marijuana958 Words   |  4 Pagesalcohol! The government knows what’s good for us! You can’t overdose on marijuana! Public schools told me â€Å"Be Healthy, don’t do drugs.† Arguments such as these are always thrown back and forth when going into a controversial conversation dealing with legalization of marijuana. Many people are on both ends of the spectrum when dealing with the legalization some may personally be involved due to run-ins with the law, family related issues, or personal beliefs. In a study, it was concluded that â€Å"more thanRead MoreThe Issue Of Legalization Of Marijuana886 Words   |  4 PagesLegalization of Marijuana Many Americans struggle with the idea of legalizing marijuana.. Does legalizing marijuana, for medical purposes, help people suppress the symptoms of depression and anxiety? Research shows us many different ways that medical marijuana helps people who struggle with depression and anxiety. For depression, it suppresses their symptoms. It also lifts their moods. For anxiety it helps push away the worriness and the stress of things they cannot control. Many people are diagnosedRead MoreThe Issue Of Marijuana Legalization Essay1527 Words   |  7 Pages The issue of marijuana legalization has been a hot topic in recent times, but to understand first why it became illegal. Marijuana became illegal the first time shortly after the Mexican Revolution ended in 1910. After their revolution, many people from Mexico brought with them their customs their ideas and with them they brought their use of marijuana as a relaxant and medicine for many ailments. Even though, the use of cannabis was already prevalent in America at the time, the term â€Å"marihuana†Read MoreThe Issue Of Legalization Of Marijuana3672 Words   |  15 Pages​The reader will be informed on the conflict within the United States dealing with the possible legalization of marijuana. Steps have been taken over the years involving laws prohibiting marijuana as well as steps getting closer to legalization. This debate continues to be a large conflict amongst citizens and politicians that are for and against the legalization of marijuana throughout the United S tates. ​There are four key steps to the method of problem solving and negotiation that are explainedRead MoreThe Issue Of Marijuana Legalization1712 Words   |  7 PagesThe matters of marijuana Marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government but the states claim it is, in fact, legal for the states to openly practice recreational and medicinal usage of the drug. Now with many people sick the only other option after numerous prescriptions that make the people sicker marijuana given its pain releasing properties seems to be the only thing we can count on. Marijuana first dated euphoric use dates back to 2737 BC. Its use spread from China to IndiaRead MoreThe Prevailing Issues For And Against Legalization Of Marijuana1409 Words   |  6 PagesWhat are the prevailing issues for and against legalization of marijuana? Just because something is labelled as â€Å"illegal† does not mean it is bad. Likewise, when something is labelled as â€Å"legal† does not mean it is not bad. Throughout the progression of time, the Western outlook on Marijuana has changed drastically. A few decades ago, the idea of smoking Marijuana was perceived as a menace to the public and the discussion of legalizing Marijuana was greatly frowned upon. Particularly during the earlyRead MoreEthical Issues with Legalization of Marijuana Essay1349 Words   |  6 Pages2011 Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America behind only alcohol and tobacco, and is estimated that nearly 80 million Americans use it at least one occasion.    According to government surveys, some 20 million Americans have smoked marijuana in the past year, and more than 11 million do so regularly despite harsh laws against its use. Being used for medicinal purposes or simply for recreational, there are not only laws to consider when the topic of legalization comes upRead MoreA Blunt Reality: The Controversial Issue of Marijuana Legalization1153 Words   |  5 Pagescontroversial issue of legalizing cannabis. Of course, several states have publicly legalized marijuana to the extent of medical use (with the exception of Colorado as it legalized both medical and recreational use). If something with a notoriously high capacity for abuse is forbidden but more and more exceptions are being made until everyone starts experimenting with it, we’ve got a prob lem on our hands. Although there are any number of reasons you can come with as to why marijuana should not beRead MoreShould Marijuana Legalization Be Legal?1532 Words   |  7 PagesMarijuana Legalization Marijuana legalization is an issue that the United States is currently facing. Through all branches and aspects of government, the concept of marijuana legalization can be applied and understood. In order to better frame the policy issue, the policy should be viewed through different lenses and all aspects of government. In this essay, it will be shown how marijuana legalization truly incorporates all areas of government interest. First, the politics of marijuana legalization

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Negative Effects of Popular Media - 1678 Words

Oletha Moore April 25, 1997 Humanities 490 Seeing Is Believing: Negative Effects Of Popular Media On Society’s Views of Disabled People Social Therapists teach that much of what we learn is the result of observation, in which we pay attention to what people do and say, and notice the consequences of their behavior. Also, Richard MacCann shares that â€Å"the best method to begin [sic] discovering the truth about something is to observe that thing and the circumstances surrounding it†. The latter, however, certainly appears to be lacking in popular media’s portrayals of people with disabilities. The manners in which they are depicted are oftentimes distorted, and thus encourage society’s members to exhibit acts of pity, fear,†¦show more content†¦By now, Blanche’s scheme had backfired, and she had become the victim of abuse and fear. Twenty-five years would pass before Blanche finally tells Baby Jane the truth about the car accident; but by now, both sisters had become needful of treatment for mental problems they experienced. Before learning the truth about the car accident , I disliked Jane for her negative treatment of Blanche; but in the end, however, I felt sorry for Jane because Blanche cruelly deceived her. Overall, the movie-exemplifies a metaphor of apathy with regards to both characters, noting that mistreatment and loss of sanity comes to anyone who does the same to others. Second, is the movie â€Å"See No Evil, Hear No Evil†. It tells about how two men with disabilities, one hearing-impaired (Gene Wilder as Dave), and the other is blind (Richard Pryor as Wally), get themselves mixed up with crooks after Dave witnesses an act of murder. In attempt to solve the crime, they decide to switch one another’s disability as Wally pretends to see and Dave pretends to hear. One scene in particular shows Walley reading a newspaper (upside down), and Dave is responding in conversation with his back turned to Walley. My first thought of this film from the preview shown was how funny it was going to be; but my thoughtsShow MoreRelatedSoc ial Media1742 Words   |  7 Pages THE EFFECTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA ON TEENAGERS As parents, we strive day in and day out to provide healthy meals, drive our kids to soccer practice, cheer at the games; attend parent-teacher meetings at school and teach them to say â€Å"no† to drugs and other bad habits.   While we are busy covering all the basics of being a good parent, we can be far too oblivious of the effects the social media is having on children. Kids today are as  technologically connected  asRead Moreexample of informative speech outline Essay examples899 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ EXAMPLE OF INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Informative Outline Topic: Impact of Media in the Society and Individual General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the negative impact of social media in the society and to the individual. Thesis: Social media websites are some of the most popular haunts on the Internet. They have revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize on the Web. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Today, just aboutRead MoreInfluence of Media and Popular Culture Essay924 Words   |  4 Pageshere through Mass Media. â€Å"Lies My Teacher Told Me† said that textbooks and society hide and manipulate the important but negative facts to make historical characters to be heroes. It makes young children to believe what they have learned are true. Not only textbooks, but also Media and popular cultures take roles to teach wrong directions and to have stereotypes between genders. When people think about Media and popular cultures, reality show is reminded naturally since it is popular throughout AmericaRead MoreEssay about Mass Media1507 Words   |  7 Pageshelping us to understand our place in society and guiding us towards a better understanding of ourselves. Over the previous number of decades our society and culture has changed significantly without us even realising that this can have a number of effects on the way we live our daily lives. The major changes in our society such as industrialisation, modernisation and a move to a postmodernist era means that there has been a emergence of a new mass culture. A widespread debate concerning the emergenceRead MoreThe Current Epidemic Facing Society Essay963 Words   |  4 Pagesof social media and access to the Internet for daily communication and is resulting in a larger dose, and harder to avoid, spread of intercontinental negativity, and, it is becoming the social norm. Unfortunately, we like it. #sorrynotsorry If you don’t have anything nice to say; then it s best to not say anything at all. We have all heard this before from our parents or teachers, however do we still practice it today? Maybe face-to-face we do, but one huge effect of social media and constantRead MoreInfluences Of Social Media Essay1082 Words   |  5 Pagesmodern day teenager’s life is built around the usage of technology. As a result of society’s heavy reliance on technology, social media has become popular amongst people who are â€Å"technologically advanced.† Though there is a wide variety of social sites that can be accessed through modern day technology, a few have become very popular. Social sites which have become widely popular among teens include Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat. These social networking sites provide instant social connection and emotionalRead MorePro And Cons Of Social Media1168 Words   |  5 Pagesof cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is one of the many negati ve effects of social networking and social media on teens, and could create a situation that results in death (Mulvihill). Some people, however, claim that social media can improve teens’ knowledge of current social affairs, but others assert that the cons outweigh the pros. Although social media can inform teens about current events, social networking and social media are rather negative for teens because it puts more personal informationRead MoreExploring Whether or not Profanity in Music is Corrupting our Youth1376 Words   |  6 Pagesinsists that we must act now to protect our society from the damaging effects of explicit music. Becky L. Tatum argues in her article â€Å"The Link Between Rap Music and Youth Crime and Violence† that the effects of rap music are basically unknown and extensive research must be conducted before causal assumptions are made. Martha Bayles suggest in her article â€Å"The Perverse in the Popular, that society is attracted to evils or negatives and therefore would not allow music censorship to be successful .ThereforeRead MoreThe Main Theory Of This Given Article Is About How Much1318 Words   |  6 Pagesthis given article is about how much adolescents and their peer influence occurs on social media. Researchers measured adolescents and their neural and behavioral responses to likes on a social media site, Instagram, a popular photo-sharing application and how their peer influence affects them. Social media is very popular and there have been several questions speculating whether or not social media has effects on interpersonal skills, social skills, development, and interactions between young adultsRead MoreCoca Cola s Social Media Strategy Essay1459 Words   |  6 PagesCoca-Colonization is the spreading of American culture through popular products, especially the soft beverage Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is an example of a cultural item that is repeatedly displayed in American television shows, movies, and other f orms of media that are viewed throughout the world. For example, according to Kevin Shively, author of â€Å"Lessons from Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy: Cohesive Campaigns and Creative Content† on, â€Å"Interbrand ranks them as the third largest

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Competitors Analysis Strategic Management Systems

Question: Discuss about theCompetitors Analysis for Strategic Management Systems. Answer: Introduction Artz et al. (2012) depicts that every organization intends for the betterment by following a strategic performance measurement systemin their business approach so that better productivity and profitability can be attained. Thus, these organizations often disclose their strategic management systems for proving their competency in the market and upcoming procedures for a better organizational outcome. The primary purpose of this assignment is to discuss the comparison between two organization- Woodside Petroleum Limited (WPL) and National Australia Bank (NAB). WPL is an environmentally sensitive industry; whereas National Australia Bank (NBA) is a non- environmentally sensitive industry and their comparison will be illustrated by comparing their sustainability report (SR). Outline of the Organization Woodside Petroleum Limited (WPL) Woodside Petroleum Limited (WPL) is a petroleum exploration and production company and is an operator of oil and gas production in Australia. The annual revenue of this organization 2015 was AUS $4.496 billion and they are proceeding their business approach with 3000 employees ( 2016). Addis (2015) depicts that this organization has exploration, development and operating activities also inUnited States, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Canada and they also develops some liquefied natural gas projects. National Australia Bank (NAB) On the other hand, National Australia Bank is a financial institute that serves 10 million customers at more than 800 locations in Australia, New Zealand and other places and is considered asone of the four largest financial institutions in Australia regarding market capitalization ( 2016). Dalyand Gebremedhin (2015) mentions that NAB have 35,000 employees, who not only provides excellent financial services to the locals, but they also suggest them the best investment ideas. Their annual revenue in the year 2015 was AUS $20.176billion ( 2016). Multi-Perspective SPMS for Both the Organizations The focus of this report is SPMS public reporting and thus it is crucial for them to illustrate a range of perspectives in addition to financial including business process, staff, health, environment, community and sustainability along with their performance section that comprises ofthe initiatives and actual measurement for supporting their strategic management. Market Performance Woodside Private Limited is the leading oil and gas industry in Australia and delivered annual production of 92.2 MMboe in 2015, which is the second highest annual result ( 2016). Their 2P Developed and Undeveloped Reserves is increased to 19.1%, 264.8 MMboe and 2C Contingent Resources is increased by 151%, 2,632 MMboe ( 2016). In the year 2014, they have their production rate 9% higher compared to 2013 while Eltaib (2012) argued that in the year 2015, there production reduced to 22%. The prime reason behind this loss is reducing the break-even cash cost of sales to US$11 per boe. The national Australia Bank performs their business approach by marinating their credit risk, operational risk, non-traded market risk and traded market risk. In the year 2014, NABs Common Equity Tier 1 capital has the ratio of 8.63% and in the year 2015, the Common Equity Tier 1 is 10.24% in the month of September ( 2016). Zhang et al. (2013) defines that there is more risk for the financial institution and the concerned organization takes required management approach for the managing the financial risk with the support of Principal Board Risk Committee (PBRC) and Group-wide Risk Management Framework (RMF). This risk assessment comprises of the first line risk management that highlights the responsibility of owning managing the risk and the second line emphasizes on risk assessment regarding financial crisis and depletion. Moreover, in the third stage, internal audit is the major concern that is responsible for the independent assurance. Corporate Responsibility Obtained from the organizations website 2016, Woodside Private Limited achieved 37% and 10% improvement in personal safety performance for the year 2014 and 2015 respectively. In 2014, Woodside has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and they also have financial transparency as they follow the strategy of implementing the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) work and after that, EITI has become the international standard for improved transparency. The concerned organization also implements its Security Operating Standard to protect their stakeholders. Moreover, Bashir et al. (2016) highlights that in 2015, WPL also works for the identifications issues to enhance their corporate responsibility. These issues are a loss of containment through an oil spill as the release of hydrocarbons is low in the context of prevention of risk in pipeline integrity and thus plans for additional piping repairs in 2015 and equipment removal in2016. In addition to that, they a lso improve their health and safety regulation for their employees from severe damage like choking and explosion. In 2014, NAB had invested over $8 million for connecting the customers of Melbourne and make them aware of the benefits of financial planning and encouraging them to invest in microfinance and formulated 145,000 microfinance products for the betterment of the more than 335,000 Australians ( 2016). On the other hand, in 2015, they have implemented programs for health and wellbeing, education, environmental products and services and accessibility action plan. They provide mental health training guidelines for employees and for customers who have life insuranceto raise mental health awareness in the context of health (Bouvain et al. 2013). Moreover, in the context of education, a program called $20 Boss is implemented where students who can present innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, they are offered $20 each and through hands-on experience for planning, budgeting and marketing so that they can also get the opportunity for their better ability( 2016). Sustainability According to the sustainability of the year 2014, Woodside Petroleum Limited (WPL) provides a structured governance framework that discloses their strategic sustainability management. The concerned organization takes initiatives for reducing the greenhouse gas emission and maintains safety records. Moreover, in the year, the sustainability also values the people and safety, society, economic and environment. In 2015, Woodside carried out its Oil Spill Preparedness Improvement Project and 400 people were trained for spill response, 35 Oil spill response exercises through implementing 90 improvement actions (Kaiser2013). Moreover, in 2014, they take initiatives for reducing its flaring intensity that was 14.2 t/k that became 9.2t/kt, result in a reduction of 900,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses and in 2015 Woodside target to reduce it up to 9 t/kt ( 2016). Image 1: Sustainability of WPL (Source: 2016) Moreover, NAB, have the same environmental sustainability for 2014-2016 intends for 5%reduction in stationary energyconsumption and 5%reduction in GHG emissions [tCO2e]absolute reduction. In addition to that, they also made 5%reduction in water consumption [kL] absolute reduction and all these factors are an illustration of their carbon risk disclosures ( 2016). Conclusion The two organizations Woodside Private Limited and National Australia Bank are f4rom different field yet follow same strategic management system. The former organization is closely related to the environment and hence improves their productivity by put less impact on the environments by following the safety regular strictly comparative to NAB which is a financial institution. They incorporate sustainability through less use of natural resources like papers and emphasize more on the job creation and education to the community children. Reference List Addis, J., 2015. 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